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Our Brand


KELTON is one of the top gym equipment manufacturer

We would like to introduce you one of the top gym equipment manufacturer in Poland. KELTON company integrates development, design, production and sale. The equipment is professional, solid and meets olympic standards. The products are used in many professional gyms and willingly bought in many European countries like Germany, Poland, Netherlands, Belgium. It also has good users opinions. We are sure that you never find such a good equipment with such a competetive price. Our price is less than the best equipment in UK, because Kelton factory is in Poland, where the production costs are less. That`s why you can have the best equipment for reasonable price. Also do not buy cheapest equipment, which could be not safe and has bad construction. Invest your money in comfortable and safe equipment, which meets olympic standards and is used also by professionalists. You can choose from one of the broadest and most unique ranges of strength equipment in the industry to create the perfect blend of equipment for you. Kelton products are mainly classified into five categories:

HOME HEAVY GYM EQUIPMENT STRENGTH FITNESS   We take pride in knowing that you feel the difference when you work out on Kelton equipment. Do not wait longer! Invest in   your own home gym and start build perfect body! Trust the KELTON equipment and you will never be disappointed.


1. Meets olympic standards. Invest in equipment, which makes your training easier and takes care your safety. 2. Certified products! - Do you need certificate? Contact us and you will get it with your item 3. Invest in equipment, which you can find in many professional gyms. 4. Invest in stability and safety. Our benches carrier even 5 times greater loads than other cheap benches (for example, max. load for most of cheap benches is usually 100 kg including your weight). 5. Invest in equipment, which is comfortable! 6. Invest in equipment, which is made by professionalists, who cares about safety and effective training. 7. In summary: SAFETY, STABILITY, COMFORT and PROFESSIONALITY!


Item Description


Designed to cover your expectations! Designed for real fan of bodybuilding! Designed for you!Allows to do 42 exercises !

Find out why most bodybuilding enthusiasts recommend it.   


Your Profits 

  Facts Your profits
Tested by our customers, stable and solid construction, profile 50x50x2 mm. Safety guarantee.
Construction resistant to 500 kilograms of weight. Strong, quality welds resistant to long-term use. You will feel safely even with heavy barbells.
Huge groundwork. 100 % safety, provide stability.
Multifunctional bench - 42 exercises available. You can train 6 parts of muscles.
Profile 50x50x2 mm, you can mount additional accesories. You can train legs, create Scott`s bench or incline bench. You only need: Leg Unit HZ3, Preacher Curl Bench HZ6 and Leg Developer HZ2.
Fully adjustable back cushion with 7 adjustments. You can choose position of backrest and build your muscles as you wish.
Fully adjustable seat cushion with 6 adjustments. You can adjust seat to backrest to feel comfortable during your training.
You can train with slant down. Under this setting, you can train abs and lift weights upside down.
3 cm double sewed upholstery. Professional and resistant back and seat provides comfort during training.
Rounded corners of back and seat. Rounded profile corners allow you full moving.
Professional working. We care about your safety, comfort and professional equipment finishing. Every detail is important. You can trust us!
Tested and approved by professionalists. You can be sure, that our equipment is the highest quality and is approved by experts.

Item Details

It allows to perform an unbeatable repeats of exercises ALLOWS TO DO 42 EXERCISES !

The construction of our benches was created based on profile 50x50x2 mm. To compare, check how made are benches for supermarkets sale. We provide high quality and strong welds, which will never be destroyed. We care about every detail of construction. It enables to repeat unrivaled amount of exercises on a 6 parts of muscles.

Unlimited possibilities - 2 regulation systems

This bench has got a system of upholstery regulation. The first, 7-levels system which allows to adjust the backrest. You can work out under different angles (85°, 75°, 60°, 45°, 30°, 15°, 0°). You can quickly match the backrest with the seat. You can change seat level in 6 stages. Diverse workout allows you to make the perfect sculpture and muscle definition. Support of the backrest was with with 3 mm-thick sheet metal and profile 50x50x2 mm. The adjustable system allows you to train your muscles with all necesary angles ! Change of the angle is easy using special handle. Also you can train with hand directed down. In this position you can train press dumbbells with supination of the wrist (twisting the wrist). We recommend this technique as it causes additional muscle tension. Also if you decide to buy our special equipment to block the thighs then you will be able to build great abdominal muscles

How to build muscle chest?

Let me give you a simple recipe for MEGA chest! 1. Incline press. Select slant to your abilities. Beginners remember to start with small slope. 2. After each of series, add additional load. Repeat 8 times in last series. 3. Dumbbell flys. Your muscles will grow quicker. 4. Decline dumbbell bench press. It improves your muscles definition. 5. At the end, palms in dumbbell bench press. Do not forget about diet and time for muscle regeneration!

Heavy stable construction!

Look at this!   Save your money, buy additional accesories

Have more possibilities to train, buy matching other Kelton's equipment. NOTICE! The following equipment is not included in the parcel. They must be purchased separately. 3 types of Preacher Curl: HOME HZ1 - Standard preacher curl with arms' support HEAVY HZ5 - with chest support HEAVY HZ6 - with chest support and angles' adjustment 2 Types of equipment to train your legs: HOME HZ3 - standard version HEAVY HZ14 - heavy duty version 2 Types of equipment to train your back: HOME HZ4 - standard version HEAVY HZ15 - heavy duty version With the additional equipment you don't need to buy separate benches for each excercise! It is enough to expand just one bench HEAVY TRYTON HL9 !

Technical Data

Dimensions 125 cm x 60 cm x 45 cm (length x high x width)
Weight 25 kg
Capability 500 kg
Construction profile 50x50x2 mm
Backrest width 28 cm
Backrest length 81 cm
Seat length 31 cm
Bottom width 45 cm
Seat thickness 3 cm
Bottom width 45 cm
Bottom length 125 cm
Seat height 60 cm
Backrest adjustment 7 adjustments (0, 15, 30, 45, 60, 75, 85 degrees)
Seat adjustment 6 adjustments
Slant down Yes

Exercises demonstration 

    Notice: To perform exercises below, you will need additional accessories. Back Barbell Press Barbell Press Behind Neck Dumbbell Press Arnold Press Bent Over Dumbbell Reverse Fly Barbell Bench Press Dumbbell Bench Press Incline Bench Press Incline Dumbbell Bench Press Dumbbell Flys Incline Dumbbell Flys Palms In Dumbbell Bench Press Barbell Pullover Bent Over Row Barbell Pullover Reverse Grip Incline Bench Barbell Row Deep Squat Front Squat Standing Barbell Calf Raise Reverse Standing Barbell Calf Raise Incline Dumbbell Curl Concentration Curl Seated French Press One Arm Seated Dumbbell French Press Lying Dumbbell Extension One Arm Bent Over Dumbbell Kickback Close Grip Bench Press



Parcel Content 

Kelton HEAVY bench TRYTON HL9 x 1 NOTICE! There is not included additional equipment shown in this listing (like Preacher curl etc)! It is just adjustable bench!


Equipment Recommendation

10 Years Warranty



Nothing to addCommented by XkawalarzX - 2014-07-08

Bench quite massive and solidly constructed, upholstery thick and comfortable (not to compare with upholstery from other sources, such Abarqus-because that I had before) generally whole gives a feeling of stability and security. Recommendable and a great plus for friendly service:-*

:)Commented by Mulim - 2014-02-13

Very good and durable bench. Easy to install. Fast delivery. I highly Recommend

Comfortable and safeCommented by R_I_P - 2011-10-02

I use the bench for over a year, 3-4 times a week and my opinion is one - money well invested. It easily deals with considerable loads. There is no problem with changes settings. If someone takes care of equipment will serve for many years. The upholstery also quite robust (although remember that I had a little trouble to mount it). I would recommend!

 Commented by Norbix - 2011-03-18

All OK

Good and reasonably priced equipmentCommented by Mirek B. - 2010-09-06

Solid and universal bench. Fast delivery and good e-mail contact with the company. I would recommend.

RecommendationCommented by TOPart - 2010-08-16

Fast delivery. Good product. Fully recommended.

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